Translation Nation


Targeting the Hispanic market should take more than just the plain switching of English words into Spanish words.

Corporate America mistakenly believes that a language translation is the only way to target the Hispanic market, and it is not. Language is one of the traits that defines our culture, but not the only one.
A translation is the literal transferring of words in one language to the same words in another.
Most of the time, this means not conveying the meaning at all and not sounding natural.

How do we translate at Co.Jones? Simple. We make it read as if it wasn’t translated. We make it sound like it was originally written by Spanish speakers and not like a computer-generated translation.
We pride our craft in our deep understanding of our culture. Again, we are not a large network tapping into this growing business called Hispanic marketing; instead, we are Hispanics tapping into this land of opportunity.

So, if you are thinking of extending your marketing efforts to reach the growing Hispanic population, we recommend consulting with a culture specialist, rather than just a translator. We recommend us. We will give you the complete scope and adapt your Brand to the target in a culturally relevant way.

To explain the point a bit more. A culture is the set of traits that defines and identifies a group of people. For example, traits like language, values, history, customs, traditions, beliefs, religion, habits, music, food, art, etc. You see, language is just one of the traits, not the only one.

Therefore, targeting the Hispanic market should take more than just the plain switching of your English words into Spanish words. You must consider other cultural traits and go beyond the language, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

And to make things even more confusing, we can’t discard the idea of bringing in Spanglish. (Yes, the mixture of the two languages.) Spanglish is what you hear among most Hispanics conversations during a normal day. They mix words from both languages, and suddenly a new language arises. Like two rivers flowing into one same stream. The waters are not split, but instead it becomes one current. That’s Spanglish.

Younger generations tend to gravitate more toward that river. They flow from one language to another, from one culture to another, from a type of music to another, and it all seems so natural.

But back to translations… Don’t settle for the old recommendation of just switching words and you are done. No, dig deeper. Respect the culture. Allow us to come up with culturally relevant solutions to better target the Hispanic market. We may recommend a translation, or we may even leave words in English because Hispanics use those words and know them.

Whatever it is we will make sure your Brand reaches the Hispanic market in a manner that feels natural. We will go above and beyond the simple translation and come up with messaging that speaks directly to our culture. Our work won’t sound like those translated phone messages that have a hard time saying “para espanol presiona dos”. Co.Jones work will sound with an accent, because it’s messaging done by Hispanics for Hispanics.

Are you intrigued by the opportunity to grow your business and target the Hispanic market, the largest growing segment of the population? Well, give us a call, there’s no pre-recorded message with an awkward computer voice that can hardly pronounce the word español.


About Co.Jones (pronounced Company Jones, not Cojones): We are an independent, flexible advertising & creative shop delivering insights, ideas and initiatives to connect with the Hispanic market. Founded in Dallas in 2004 by Max Lefeld, former Executive Creative Director of two of the largest Hispanic agencies in the country. If you are interested in targeting the Hispanic market, contact us here.