Vespa Way


The nimble, simple and flexible way to reach the Hispanic market.

That’s the Co.Jones motto? The Vespa Way! What do we mean by that? Co.Jones is not a large advertising agency. We are not a bureaucratic agency with layers of approval nor is there a corner office in our agency. We are a niche marketing agency, and our niche is Hispanic advertising. We are pioneers in that field. We have been doing Hispanic advertising for over 20 years, working for global, national and local brands. That’s who we are and that’s what we do. Co.Jones is not an agency created after the census data nor are we a general market agency spin-off.

Co.Jones (pronounced Company Jones, not Cojones) is not only a lean and mean creative shop, but it’s also a creative boutique specializing in targeting the Hispanic market. We are quick to move, whip-smart, hands-on and with a steady focus – just like a Vespa. Whereas large agencies are more like a limo, we offer unparalleled flexibility to meet any client’s needs and/or budget. Go ahead, try asking a large agency for quick response. That’s like doing a U-turn in a limo. So to avoid the bureaucracy in most large agencies and getting to work on what is important, we decided to go on our own. In 2004, we created a nimble and simple shop. One that would find culturally relevant ways to target people like us. Not as an afterthought but rather understanding their wants and needs and doing it quickly and efficiently, the Vespa way.

That’s the motto that fueled us to go on our own. To not only be nimble and simple, but most importantly flexible, and ready to turn in any direction necessary. That’s not a vision or a mission! That’s simply how we move. Just like a Vespa, we zigzag through the day strategically cutting corners to find you efficiencies while still delivering results! And we are small and got attitude. And this is not because the pandemic forced us to do it; we worked like this since our first days in 2004. We often joke that we are a start-up everyday.

If you are a large or small client, you need a TV spot or a social media post, Spanish to Spanglish, baby boomers to millennials, we deliver to them all. And our style has been proven for 17 years, while delivering results. If you’re looking to broaden your reach, wondering about the potential of the Hispanic market or simply curious about all the newest census hoopla, hop on with us! We’ll get you there! We know the best way to get to the heart and minds of Hispanics in the USA.



About Co.Jones (pronounced Company Jones, not Cojones): We are an independent, flexible advertising & creative shop delivering insights, ideas and initiatives to connect with the Hispanic market. Founded in Dallas in 2004 by Max Lefeld, former Executive Creative Director of two of the largest Hispanic agencies in the country. If you are interested in targeting the Hispanic market, contact us here.