Hispanics Leading The Shift


Not targeting Hispanics with your marketing plans is not understanding and denying the future of the country

So how much longer will your company wait to discuss the importance of doing Hispanic marketing?
The demographic shifts revealed by the 2020 census are an uncomfortable topic for some companies, but sooner or later, it will be unavoidable. It has become the brown elephant in the room.
If you are not marketing to Hispanics, you are missing out on the opportunity! Plain and simple.
The latest census basically reveals what you already see on the streets. The Hispanic population growth is the brown elephant in the room, and corporate America fears talking about it.
And let’s not politicize the issue. We are not coming to take your jobs. We are here to be an integral part of this melting pot. To be your neighbor. To work with you. To contribute to society, and most importantly, to buy your product or services.

Hispanics are bringing the heat to the so-called melting pot. We are adding our rich sabor to it.

So, in case you have been working from home AKA WFH and not looking outside your window, let me give you some revealing data that tells you that if you aren’t doing Hispanic marketing by now, you are missing the boat. And once it leaves the port, it will be harder to reach.

Did you know that 51% of the total population growth is attributed to Hispanics* or that California is already Hispanic majority with a 39.4% of the total population? The census data clearly stated, “America is now more diverse and more multicultural.” We count a 62.1 million population, making Hispanics the second largest segment, after Whites.

In case you need more, here’s more shocking data:

Latinos represent 46% of new home growth, 68% of the auto industry growth and 67% of video game usage growth and the stats only continue.

Basically, not targeting Hispanics with your existing marketing plans is not understanding and denying the inevitable future of the country. But don’t be scared. We are here to ease the anxiety that the census data brings and help you yield onto the highway of the future.

We will work in tandem with your existing general market advertising agency to find ways to adapt and extend your reach to the Hispanic market. We do that while looking for efficiencies. The idea is not to make things harder, but instead to ease your entrance into a new market, or even better, into a new opportunity. And just like that, you will be sending an invitation to a market you didn’t cater to before. You and your brand and/or service will be opening the doors to a bigger future, rather than secluding yourself in a large conference room.

Open Up. Put your helmet on, hop and take a ride. Allow us to guide you into these newer experiences. We are not changing anything. We will simply find culturally relevant ways to explain your Brand to the Hispanic market and slowly but surely make them your customers.

So, if you are then ready address the brown elephant in the room, we are here to help you.

Co.Jones has been doing Hispanic advertising for more than 20 years. We are a small boutique made of experienced professionals who 17 years ago decided to fly solo and pursue the American dream.

You will be entering the land of opportunity with seasoned guides. We know Hispanic marketing, not because we vacationed once in Cancun, or because we love the neighborhood Mexican restaurant. First and foremost, we are the brown elephant in your room. We know how we like to be treated and invited to a new experience. It’s as easy as that.

Give us a call, send us an email, and let’s talk future. We can help you craft a plan to get you pointing in the right direction. We have done it for global brands, national brands, and local brands.
Therefore, we can do it for you.



About Co.Jones (pronounced Company Jones, not Cojones): We are an independent, flexible advertising & creative shop delivering insights, ideas and initiatives to connect with the Hispanic market. Founded in Dallas in 2004 by Max Lefeld, former Executive Creative Director of two of the largest Hispanic agencies in the country. If you are interested in targeting the Hispanic market, contact us here.

*Source: hispanicstar.org